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20/20 Vision Center is happy to introduce the newest multifocal contact lens on the market, the DAILIES AQUA COMFORT PLUS MULTIFOCAL. Gone are the days where glasses are the only option for bifocal wearers.  The new lens is perfect for those over 40 already wearing multifocal contact lenses, that want to enjoy all the benefits of a daily disposable lens.Dailies pic

We are also happy to introduce DAILIES AQUA COMFORT PLUS TORIC for all of our patients with astigmatism. With the unique blink activated moisture of these new lenses, you'll not only be able to see well, but you'll be amazed at the all day comfort and breathability.

These lenses have been released to only a limited number of professional doctor's offices across the country, and we are proud to be included in this small group of progressive practices. Come talk to our experienced doctors and staff about how these lenses can make a difference for you.  Make an appointment to get your free trials today!